Integrated Recruitment Model

Integrated Resourcing Model

Macallam works in Integrated Partnerships with several clients. We are now doing all of their resourcing across their portfolio companies. This gives us insight in conjunction with them on forward planning their resource needs, then implementing a bespoke Attraction and Retention strategy for their business.

Due to this integrated model and innovative payment mechanism, not only do we have greater foresight and planning to take proactive steps and reduce timeframes to secure talent, we are able to vastly reduce the costs hence leading to better, quicker and cheaper recruiting... It's a win-win for both clients and Macallam.

We also run Engagement Programmes on:

  • Employee Attraction Strategies
  • Consulting with clients on reduction in time and cost strategies
  • Market Insights reports
  • Social Media recruitment 
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Gary Hollywell - Operations Director
of Mitie

"As Operations Director for Mitie NMS, I worked with Macallam on several appointment requirements and I was also fortunate to have been placed into Mitie myself through Macallam and in particular Duncan Carter.  Macallam’s approach and research into the role and the key objectives and deliverables supports their ability to provide quality candidates for interviews and for me personally, this has resulted in some really successful appointments. I find Duncan to be very proactive in all requests for help and support in the recruitment process and I find the general business approach and model of engagement to be very professional".


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